We have rebranded to



Mélangé Restaurant


A coffee shop, a restaurant, your Second Home.



Eat, Play, Swim

Mélangé meaning 'mixed' in French,

serves home-cooked dishes in a cosy environment.

Perfect for private, intimate diners, as well as larger crowds.

This family friendly restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating around the pool in lush greenery and has a kid's playroom.

Pets are welcome too at the restaurant.

With delicious dishes from around the world, the competent staff attends to your dietary needs. All dishes are cooked to order and can be personalised as well. Vegetarian options are also available, not forgetting thin-crusted Gluten-free Pizzas and Pasta.

This makes Mélangé Restaurant a second home for many since 2014.


the Owners




A Family-owned business, focusing on personalised service

With over 25 years of combined experience in Luxury 5-star Hospitality

as well as 15 years of Quality Management,

Mélangé Restaurant is a family-owned business

inspired by worldwide travel and food.

Khun Salinee, alongside her daughter Micky and son-in-law Anthony,

have conceptualised the restaurant, transforming an old five-bedroom house

into a cosy and homey restaurant environment whilst never giving up

the sense of belonging and comfort for all customers.

With dishes spanning across the globe with origins from

Germany, France, Italy, French Polynesia, Thailand and the USA;

the food at Mélangé Restaurant is always tasted and ensured that

the quality is met to standard every time.

During your meal at the restaurant, you will definitely encounter some of

the owners as they enjoy engaging with you.

This is done for several reasons.

The first one, to ensure that your experience is a pleasant one,

and secondly, to get to know you better as well as

your preferences towards the numerous dishes that the menus boast.

This is how you receive dedicated and personalised service,

if not on your first visit, then definitely upon your next one.

For the owners, it is all about you: our guests; as well as the attention to detail which spans from the food arrangement on the plate,

all the way to the exterior decoration of the restaurant.

By getting to know you better, there is the ability to

improve on the restaurant and make your next dining experience

even better than the last one.

The owners always welcome any type of feedback,

so please feel free to talk with them while you're at Mélangé Restaurant.

Without you, this business would not be possible.

Welcome to your Second Home:

Mélangé Restaurant.